NBK New Business Award 2018

What is NBC New Business Award?

In order to support corporations or entrepreneurs to start new business, selecting from companies, organizations, executives or students, who are developing original and marketable new business, or who are materializing such business plan, we will support the best among them by awarding and making them public, while appraising them from the overall viewpoints.

Who can apply?

Corporations/organizations, or companies/their representatives(excluding those publicly-listed or publicly-opened in case of companies), or individuals/students, who intend to make new business/Activities (entrepreneurs or expanding to a new field by doing new business).(Limited only those in Kansai area, regardless of their nationality.)

Entrepreneur Division

New Business Award

Regardless of business size, large or small, corporations/organizations who are creating business or merchandise/servicses with originality, or already having created them, with potentiality of growth in the future. This award is given to the executives who have advanced into new field, and expressed entrepreneurship by original management style.

Female Entrepreneurship Award

Awarded to female entrepreneurs who are continuously creating and administering innovative and original business, in view point of women.

Business Plan Division

Excellence Award

Awarded to individuals (working adults or students), who have concrete business plans in the field of growth potential, and want to materialize them.

U-19 Award

Awarded to junior or senior high school students, who have innovative and creative business plans, in view points of Junior or senior high school students.


Entrepreneur Division

- New Business Grand Prize
"election by the Application Form" awarded only to Entrepreneur Division Supplementary prize JPY1,000,000. Certificate. Support of branding to news papers or magazines.

- A certificate for each division
Certificate. Support of Branding to news papers or magazines.

Business Plan Division

- Most Excellent Award(Supplementary prize. Certificate.)

- Award(Certificate.)


To be submitted from May 1, 2018 to September 25, 2018.

How to Apply

Application Form to be sent to E-mail:nbk@nb-net.or.jp
Application Form can be printed out from http://www.nb-net.or.jp
If necessary, NBK Office may request applicants to submit financial settlement reports for two terms, corporate PR materials, merchandise / products, introductory articles, etc.


- Application forms can not be returned to the applicants,
- We will keep the contents of applications in strict confidence, but regarding to the special know-how or secret matters of business please take measures to protect the confidence, such as taking legal precautions, on the responsibility of the applicants.
- In case of awarded, we presume the applicants to allow us to publicize names of corporations/representatives, themes/outline, addresses, telephone/fax numbers, E-mail address etc.
- We will manage individual secrets by appropriate measures under the Individual Secrecy Law.

How to Select

- Selection by the Application Form.

- Prior Selection.
Those who have passed the selection by the Application Form are requested to make a presentation in presence of the Selection Committee. Among those who are nominated, we apply the awards above after cautious judgment.

- Selection Committee of Grand Prize.
We decide New Grand Prize after those we are selected in the Entrepreneur Division make a public presentation.,
We decide Business Plan Most Excellent Prize after those we are selected as Business Plan Excellence Prize make a public presentation.

Awards are given according to:

- future growth, -otential for marketability and sales ability, - originality and innovativeness, - talents of entrepreneurs , - effect on society

Announcement of Selection. Award Ceremony

November 19, Monday, 2018


New Business Conference Kansai


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Application and Questions

Secretariat, Kansai-New-Business Committee, Corporate Judicial Person

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